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* Grand Master Lash Artist
* Master Permanent Makeup Artist

* Certified Educator

* Sponsor, Speaker & Judge for conferences

I help women / men boost self-confidence through the art of Semi-permanent makeup Brows, Lip Blush, Eyeliner and Eyelash Extensions. I have been in the industry since 2015 and I love every of what I do. Whether it be providing services for my clients, passing down knowledge to my students or continue my education; I do it with a passion!

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 - Top 30 Brow Tech 2020 in Phoenix Arizona

 - Top 10 Lash Technicians 2020 in Phoenix Arizona

 - Featured on ABC15 Arizona News 2019

 - Award Nominee of Lash Best Salon by National Association of Lash Artists 2019

 - VIP Judge / Speaker of Hawaiian Competition 2018

 - Judge / Speaker of Lash Crown Competition 2017

 - Best Lash Extensions & Microblading in Arizona 2017

 - The Microblading Maven in Arizona 2017 by Scottsdale Magazine


 - Speaker and Judge of Scottsdale Lash & Brow Conference & Competition

 - Certified Educator by NALA 2018

 - Runner up in Lash Summit 2016 Competition.

 - 3rd Rank in World Individual Lash Master 2015 competition.

 - Certified Lash Trainer by Lash Inc. international 2015


Education Background

Lip Blush

 - TessTattoo

 - Sculpted

Saline Removal:

 - Teryn Darling

 - A+ Ocean

Needles & Pigments:

 - Girlz Ink by Teryn Darling

 - Jill Hoyer

Permanent Makeup (Powder Brows, Lip Blush & Eyeliner)

 - S Academy by Sviatoslave Otchenash

 - Nhung Phan Academy

Nano HairStrokes:

 - Monica Ivani

PMU Eyeliner:

 - Will Anthony Academy

 - Andrea Toth


 - David BrowArt Academy (2016)

 - Irina Chen Academy (2015)

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions:

 - Lash & Brow Design Academy by Irina Levchuk (2015)

Volume Eyelash Extensions:

 - Lash Fx (2015)

Licensed Esthetician (2015)

Certified Classic Eyelash Extensions (2012)

 - JB Lash Pro

Bachelor of Science in Retail Management & Consumer Sciences

University of Arizona (2011)